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Family Day Care - Why Choose Us?

  • Location: Family Day Care takes place in the loving and caring environment of a home. The site will provide a warm, cozy, comfortable feeling for your child. In a residential area, your child will not be subjected to the noise and traffic of a commercial strip. In addition, the ratio of care is much smaller in a family day care. Therefore, your child is more likely to get more individualized attention. The facility is located close enough to the Belt Parkway, Q11 Bus and the A Train to make traveling convenient.
  • Licensing: Reach For The STARS! is a full licensed Group Family Day Care Center, licensed through the NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene. As a result, routine site visits are conducted to insure that we are in compliance and the facility is a safe place for children. Also, fingerprinting of each employee and a background check is done.
  • Experience and Training: As well as having vast experience in child care, from their own children and from working in child care situations, our staff participates in educational, health and safety trainings on an ongoing basis. The staff is also CPR certified.
  • Tracking of Development and Growth: Parents are kept informed about their children's progress and problems. Each day your child goes home with a "Daily Report Card". This lets parents know what their child had done throughout the day, what they learned, what they ate, when they slept and other comments. Also, at the end of the week, parents are given a summery of the past week's lesson plan and suggested weekend activities to re-enforce what the children have worked on. In addition, parents are welcomed to discuss policies and operations of the center.
  • Direct and Individual Care: All children are provided with separate cots and cubbies with their name on it. Toileting and feeding materials are also individualized and clearly labeled.