Programs for Children

Quality care and so much more...for infants to school-aged children!

At Reach For The STARS...

...our purpose is to make sure children are enriched every moment they are with us. It's families in relationships with professionals in an environment that becomes, by design, a second home and a whole lot of people partnering, trusting, caring and educating each other.

When children are playing, they are learning and preparing for the next phase of their lives. Our goal is to make it the most rewarding experience possible.

Parents can breathe easier knowing their children are in a safe, educational and enriching environment. We have experienced and well trained staff. Our structured activities cover multiple subjects and topics including Italian and Sign Language. Our children have up-to-the-date technology at their fingertips and are equipped with computers, tablets, and the like. Our facilities are monitored by cameras to insure safety for all. Our aspiration is for children to develop into well-rounded individuals.

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